Wenn Yoga auf Mode trifft, auf Fotografie und auf die 5 Elemente, die Essenz von Allem...
FOREVERNOON nimmt das Wort Yoga wörtlich.
Die Sanskrit-Wortwurzel "Yuj" bedeutet "Union" und durch die Verwendung der 5 Elemente Erde, Wasser, Feuer, Luft und Äther verbinden wir die Entwürfe auch auf philosophischer Ebene mit unserem Körper.
Trage deine Elemente!

Unsere Fotos werden auf der ganzen Welt mit dem Gedanken an Spiritualität an energiegeladenen Orten aufgenommen.
Die Bilddatei wird hochaufgelöst auf unseren Stoff gedruckt.
Unsere Designs werden Ihre langlebigen Begleiter sein, die Sie in allen möglichen Situationen tragen können.

Du trägst die Erde. Du trägst Wasser. Du trägst Feuer. Du trägst Luft. Du trägst Ether.
Be in your element and stay connected.

Anjalika - born in India, she moved extensively between Indian and Europe from the early age of 3, for travel, studies and work. Her first contact with Yoga was at the age of 7 as part of compulsory education in Indian schools. Originally a student of Architecture and Design from some of the leading universities in the world, she was immersed a creative but spiritually unfulfilling corporate world in her twenties exploring far-future design scenarios. Her deep reconnection Yoga in 2009 was a huge stepping stone in her life, when she decided to let go of corporate design, to explore other avenues of creative expression and to go with the flow of where life must take her. Anjalika is the creative force behind the Yoga and Detox programs at The Mandala Resort in Goa, India, alongside nurturing the beautiful space of The Mandala with her husband Andrew, sharing her diverse knowledge of the practice and of life, in a  beautiful overlap of orient meets occident. Indian by birth, Earth citizen by Spirit.

Jessica - I found yoga during an unsettling period in my life whilst living in London. Needless to say it turned my world upside down. Within what felt like no time at all I found myself on a plane to India to train with Brahmani Yoga for 3 months in Goa. Since then I have been lucky enough to teach around the world in London, India, Morocco and now Sydney where I am based. I am currently an apprentice at Yoga Synergy with Bianca Machliss at the school she built with Simon Borg-Oliver over 30 years ago. Yoga has changed my life and it’s a privilege to be able to share this beautiful thing with other people through teaching.

Laura - originally from Belarus, naturalized Italian, based in Paris, I am one lucky girl, working in the world of fashion and art. My lifestyle and work keep me traveling the world. One of my favorite things are discovering new places and meeting new people. 
Few years ago Yoga came into my life and brought me on the path towards exploring my own universe.
Regular practice has become not only a source of good health and vitality but eventually a vehicle towards spiritual growth. 
Today I know that Yoga is not just a practice but the way of life and I’m deeply grateful to every beautiful soul who has guided me (and keep guiding of course) upon this journey.

Masha - yoga teacher RYT 500h, Vinyasa, Hatha and Relaxation. My inspirations come from Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, David Swenson and David Garrigues.
My first contact with yoga took place when I was 12, then i was still living in Russia. One day I found a book about yoga in the family library. I was very impressed by the images of the yogis and started trying to perform the same postures... I rediscovered yoga 5 years ago, being a model in Paris. At the time I needed to build up self-esteem, to understand myself better and maybe feel things differently. It hit me immediately and I started experimenting with different styles of yoga: Ashtanga Vinyasa, Iyengar, Yin, Kundalini. My choice fell on ashtanga-vinyasa. I have experienced wonderful moments thanks to yoga. This is why today my intention is to share my passion, my experience and the teachings I have received - so others can benefit from yoga just like myself. We all need yoga! 

Peter - a seeker and a learner. An interested person. Keeping my feet on the ground has never been easy. I'm thankful to have found a light. This light is guided by looking as well as by looking up. Finding the beauty in moving as well as in being able to let things be. I'm visually driven and my words are direct and sincere. 
"I would like people to understand that we must not try to look at beauty, but to feel beauty with our eyes closed."